EN / Day 2 / 11:00 / Track 3

V8 is the JavaScript engine powering Google Chrome, Node.js, and NativeScript. NativeScript embeds V8 to process JavaScript and dynamically call Android APIs. This enables developers to write Android applications in JavaScript and directly access the underlying OS. Come to this session to learn what challenges the NativeScript team met embedding V8 in a mobile framework and how they were solved.

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Stanimira Vlaeva

Stanimira is a software engineer on the NativeScript core team focused on the integration with Angular and performance optimizations. Lately, she's been working on providing an official way for sharing code between web and mobile Angular via NativeScript schematics and webpack.

Vladimir Mutafov

Vladimir Mutafov is a software engineer on the NativeScript team at Progress Software. He's working on the NativeScript Android Runtime which provides all the high-performant JS to Java communication support.