RU / Day 1 / 12:00 / Track 1

Pavel will start with an overview of Apollo Client's and Relay's architectures. He'll tell what "hairy" GraphQL is, how it can be useful and what are the differences between it and RestQL. He'll show how to use GraphQL correctly on the client side in react-apollo, how to write bottom-up queries over fragments (just like in Facebook). Then he'll match it with TypeScript to get hardcore enterprise static analysis.

Pavel is sure that 90% of ApolloClient users haven't got the slightest idea what fragments are really capable of.

Video presentation.

Pavel Chertorogov

GraphQL rockstar, developer of Internet products, OSS maintainer. Since 2001 Pavel's main specialization is web technologies. He has extensive practical knowledge on back-end/front-end development, administration, and architecture. Since the end of 2015, Pavel's main focus is on isomorphic applications. In summer 2016 he began the development of graphql-compose (GraphQL schema generator) in open source.