RU / Day 1 / 14:00 / Track 1

This talk deals with present and future of tools for Node.js.

Alexey will tell about DevTools Protocol, which parts of it you can use to build your own tools for Node.js and how you can do it. To illustrate his words, he will show how to measure code coverage, using only the protocol.

In addition to that, he will show how to write your own plugin for ndb, to get a convenient GUI for your tool as well.

Download presentation.

Alexey Kozyatinsky

Believes in JavaScript. Creates and improves debugging tools as a part of Chrome DevTools team since 2014. Led the most part of company's attempts to improve developers' life, starting from asynchronous stacks till new Query Objects.

In his spare time loves to play guitar and travel, wishes he had a travel blogger career, yet still keeps writing code, cause we all deserve to have even more new debugging tools. :)