RU / Day 2 / 18:00 / Track 1

A lot of people consider complete re-write to be the best solution for project migration. Even though this might definitely give better result at the end, most projects can not afford this move due to limited work-force, budget or other reasons.

But what if we could migrate our applications without polluting global scope, messing up with CSS leaking and different JS bits yelling at each other?

This talk will tell 3 entertaining stories (mixed with code) of application migrations with different approaches, different architectural decisions and different results. Attendees will get idea of how to approach framework-agnostic front-end migrations using microservices architecture, web components and good sense of humour.

Video presentation.

Denys Mishunov

Denys is a front-end developer & public speaker living and working in Norway. Being 2-in-1: an art school graduate and an engineer, Denys is passionate about psychology, physics, history, drawing. In his day-to-day job he enjoys getting to the heart of the matter of things and processes.

Originally on "CSS side", for the last years Denys has been building JavaScript applications using Web Components, still breaking CSS, abusing HTML and working with performance optimisations of pretty much all aspects of the front-end toolset.