EN / День 2 / 18:00 / Зал 3

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A11y — безусловно, одна из важнейших тем. Mauricio покажет, зачем и как можно автоматизировать некоторые элементы доступности. Также он покажет инструмент, который поможет подружить с этой автоматизацией вашего дизайнера.

Exemplum illud exclusive…

How does it feel not being able to read the sentence above? This is what we are doing every day to about 217 million people with visual impairments.

As developers, we don't think very much about this numbers, and yet it's still our responsibility to include as many people as possible in our applications.

In this talk we will learn some important JavaScript automation tasks, e.g. enhanced color contrast and voice interfaces. Let us dive into some best practices and real-life examples to avoid making the same mistakes all over again in the future.

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Mauricio Palma

A self-educated UI Developer working at SinnerSchrader. As part of the product engineering team, he works as a proxy between the design and engineering teams. You'll find him in that sweet spot where art meets science. Using technology to craft user-centric experiences.

He is also the co-founder of Woodlike Ocean and an engaged social entrepreneur.