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Комментарий Программного комитета:

Кто создавал библиотеки компонентов? Много кто. Кто создавал библиотеки таких размеров? Рассказ про удачные (и не только) решения при разработке гибкой библиотеки компонентов и про то, что дает то или иное решение.

Duplication of code and inconsistent design and experience are major issues across web applications. This talk discusses the process of building an unified design language and designing a high-quality library of reusable, composable, themeable, and highly customizable React components.

Nadiia will share what they learned from their previous experience building a component library. She'll share ways to design components for wide adoption and will define the major areas to consider when architecting reusable building blocks. And finally, she'll share how to make web applications more accessible by leveraging reusable WCAG-compliant UI components.

Nadiia Dmytrenko

Nadiia is a software engineer on the UI platform team in Uber who loves JavaScript and is passionate about CSS and seamless design. She is one of the creators and maintainers of Uber's open source Base Web component library and co-organizer of the Destination:Web meetup series in San Francisco. When she doesn't code you can find her hanging out with her fluffy dog, taking him on a hike or a beach run.