EN / День 1 / 17:30 / Зал 2

Front-end developers normally have their IDE in one window and a running instance of the application in another. They work very interactively discovering and experimenting with their running application in a browser window to ensure it continues to work as expected.

This talk will provide step by step guidance to ease the developer burden by letting a simple E2E testing and QA tool do the continuous interactions with the application for you. As a result you get a nice suite of tests. You can share these tests with your team members so they can see how the application is supposed to function. Such tests are becoming more and more vital as single developers get shuffled around to different projects to quickly try out new market opportunities.

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Basarat Ali Syed

Microsoft MVP and a key member of the TypeScript community.

Front-end Practice Lead. Open source advocate, book author, youtuber, screencaster, developer empathiser. Top contributor for TypeScript on stackoverflow.